Then Washington Tree & Lawn Care might be the perfect choice for you. Our exclusive, customized services and applications use traditional and organic elements to make your yard stunning, without harming the environment.

Fall Tip

Fall is here, cool nights and shorter days begin the transition of late summer to early fall. Evergreens, such as Pines and Cedars, will soon be dropping older needles, but not to worry for this occurs every year. September is a great time to over seed or install new lawns. Aerifying and fertilizing will work wonders in revitalizing an old, tired, dry lawn. If you only fertilized once a year, the fall application is the most important. Slug season is back. The lack of rain and the heavy dew in the morning bring the slugs out to feast. Slugs lay lots of eggs in the fall. Controlling slugs now during this breeding season will result in fewer next year. Spiders are now out spinning their webs everywhere and fall is the time to get them, too.

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