Then Washington Tree & Lawn Care might be the perfect choice for you. Our exclusive, customized services and applications use traditional and organic elements to make your yard stunning, without harming the environment.


Winter is upon us, freezing nights and cold day can be tough on your trees and shrubs as well as your lawn.  Make sure to keep an eye on your evergreen shrubs if the weather lingers around freezing for extended periods, freeze damage can develop.   Also, try to keep off your lawn when it is frozen.  Grass blades can break off easily and will cause stress to those areas of the lawn.  The damage can last for months into the growing season.   This is a great time for pruning decisions to be made to your deciduous plantings. Not to mentions your dormant spray need to be applied at this time to ward off fungi that raise havoc in our wet maritime climate. Fungicides need to be sprayed now and in March, April, and May if you are serious about controlling fungal disease for next season.

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