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Then Washington Tree & Lawn Care might be the perfect choice for you. Our exclusive, customized services and applications use traditional and organic elements to make your yard stunning, without harming the environment.

Spring Tip

Blossoms have broken on your flowering trees and they all will be in full bloom very soon.  This is a crucial time in the disease control process.  Spraying through the spring season is your only chance at preventing disease on these trees. Be on the lookout for Tent Caterpillars this year they will emerge in April through May.

This is also a great time to do moss treatments on your lawn.  Mild temps and longer days will kick-start the up-growth in your lawn as well as the moss.  Attack the moss now so you have time to fix the area that may be more damaged and need repair.  Pesky Moles become more active now as well and the large mounds of dirt in your yard will be a clear sign that they have taken home in your yard.  This would be the time to start using our repellent before the problem gets to out of control.

Washington Tree & Lawn Care: A difference that shows.