Then Washington Tree & Lawn Care might be the perfect choice for you. Our exclusive, customized services and applications use traditional and organic elements to make your yard stunning, without harming the environment.


Warm days and nights refresh the body and soul. How quickly we forget the gray when it finally is replaced by blue. Watch out for weevils chomping on your rhodies, and aphids are everywhere. Be aware the hot dry weather can burn up your landscape in just a few days. Water neglect has become the biggest problem in our area. People who think they are saving the earth by holding back water need to remember carbon dioxide is taken in by green or growing plants and oxygen is released. Most sick or dead shrubs and lawns are the result of lack of water in the summer. Maintained grass needs 1 inch of water per week to stay green and 1 inch per month to survive. One should try to achieve this amount in no more than 3 waterings per week. Careful observation of the obvious will guide you. Most plants will let you know.


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