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Vi – 2014
I Love the work that Steve does.  He does a Great Job!

Nicole – 2014
Thank you for taking down our bird & squirrel feeders before spraying.  We appreciate it!

Milton – 2014
We appreciate your great service and friendliness!

Michael – 2014
I was skeptical about the systemic injection working on controlling the bugs in my tree, but it worked amazingly!

Elaine – 2013
Just a note that your service is paying off.  Finally the crab apple did not lose leaves or get curl and for the first time since I can remember, I had crab apples.  The Mt. Ash the same, it did not get leaf curl.  The Madrona looks great, Thanks!

Patricia – 2013
A note of commendation for the excellent service provided to us by Nick of your staff.  The level of service nick provided us allows us to confidently recommend spray service via your firm to our friends.

Sue – 2013
Please tell Jimmy “THANK YOU” for his incredible service and thoughtfulness! We Love Him!

Thomas – 2013 
Nice Job! To the Crew this October for our spider spray! We like you Guys!

John – 2013
This service provided by your employees is always top notch!  They both are tuned in to what we want as customers.  Shane arrives with a smile and great attitude.  He always takes time to listen to my questions and takes care when spraying our vast array of shrubs, Trees and others.  We appreciate how professional both Shane and Eric are.  They treat us and our property with respect and care and again very professional and responsive to questions or concerns.  Please recognize them both for a job well done.  Their service is outstanding, a reflection of what kind of service your company providers.  We are very happy customers.  Thank You!

Lisa – 2013
Jimmy came to my house to treat lace bug and I could not be happier.  He called the night before and was very helpful and concerned.  He did research and brought a book with pictures to help us identify the problem on my plants.  He went above and beyond to walk my yard looking at everything.  He offered advice that my plants looked a little sick.  They had been this winter and were having transplant shock.

You have a gem in Jimmy.  He is knowledgeable and personable.  He went out of his way to come at  a time that was convenient for me.  Thank you!

Laurel – 2013
Good job as always.  Have new neighbors west of me so when I heard the truck and they had started to spray I had time to go over and ask them to move their car out of the driveway so you could stand on their driveway to spray the Hawthorne from that side.  I arranged to receive a call from them the day before so I can let them know next time.  Really appreciate this Extra Service!

Kathy – 2013
Thank you Shane! Appreciate the extra time you take to make sure my fish pond is covered before you spray.  Have a Great Year!

Rachel – 2013
Just wanted you to know that Jimmy is wonderful! He is respectful of her concerns for her children & Animals along with giving the best care to her trees and shrubs.

Patricia – 2013
Again I want to compliment the Tech that services my yard, Nick – He always does such a thorough job and I appreciate this level of service!

R.W. – 2013
Great!!!  Brett did a really good spray – (Of course he always does)—But this one looks like he killed all the moss!! Thanks!

Jeremy – 2013
Dave is the reason I keep calling.  His level of professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.  His Service is always better than any other I tried. He has always been patient and taken the time to explain what he is doing to the property so that I also have a very good understanding of what and how things are being done.  Always so pleasant too.  Thank you again for the Great service!

Charles – 2013
I was very pleased with Travis & Omar very polite and professional and went the extra mile!  Thank You!

Fred – 2013
I just want to let you know that your employee Jimmy, did me a huge favor yesterday.  His honesty saved me o lot of time and money, he found my computer case on a sidewalk and being the honest person that he is, called me and even returned it to me at my office.  It must be nice to have such a honest employee with his character.

Barbara – 2013
Thank you Jimmy for coming back out and making an extra trip!

Jack – 2013
I was very pleased with the way my lawn looked.  It’s never looked better!! Good Job!

Janice & John– 2013
This is a thank you and a commendation for Dave’s excellent customer service although this doesn’t seem to convey how much we appreciate him and your company.  Each and every time ( over the many years we’ve been a customer) he always has a smile ready and wonderful attitude each and every time, never giving us the brush off or making us feel like he does not care.  When I’m waiting for him to arrive to ask a million questions about the spray or bug question, sometimes dragging him around to the far corners of our property to look at same insect problems, he never makes me feel like I’m wasting his time.  He is totally in tune and engaged in what he is there for.  Dave’s customer service is “Top of the Line” – Hands Down – Excellent in every way.  He is considerate, professional, understanding and respectful, who could ask for more.  We really appreciate him! Thank You!

Irene – 2013
Great Job to Travis & Chris!  They were very professional and good communicators.

Veronica – 2013
Your technicians are very professional and courteous! Shane is Tops!

Carole & Bob – 2011
We want to thank you for taking such good care of our yard and of us.  We particularly appreciate Leslie, who answers our every question, and always knows what service is on our schedule.  We Appreciate Mike, Who comes out to our home to Examine the trees and shrubs, always knowing exactly what is awry, and even more importantly, what needs to be done so the plant can return to a healthy status.  And finally we appreciate Brad and Rod, who carefully apply the various applications, assuring that each plant can grow and flourish in its own way.  We feel fortunate to have you all in out gardening world, and wanted to express our thanks.