Professional Tree Care ​In Seattle, WA from a Tree Service You Can Trust

With professional tree service, the work is never finished. Even in a climate as mild and wet as Seattle’s, shrubs and trees often struggle to stay strong and healthy. Washington Tree & Lawn arms your plants to emerge from this struggle victorious. As a professional tree service company with experience throughout the Seattle area, we provide the professional care and damage control you need to keep your greenery healthy throughout the year.

Organic Tree Care

Premier Tree & Shrub Program

Tree service is most effective if protection and nutrition are offered in tandem, and this is exactly what our organic sprays can do. Containing organic fish and kelp, these sprays offer your plants and trees a powerful boost of nutrients while eradicating disease and pests from them and the surrounding area. The Organic Premier Program involves applying this spray at 7 different occasions throughout the year: once during the dormant season, once when it is time to fertilize, once in the summer, once in the fall, and three times in the spring. By simultaneously furnishing full nutrition while holding back invasive organisms, our tree company allows your yard to benefit fully from Seattle’s premium growing conditions. Contact us to learn more about Premier organic treatments.

Basic Tree & Shrub Program

The Basic Program is identical to the Premier in all except the number of professional treatments. We only spray once in the spring, for a total of five annual applications. This makes it ideal for budget-conscious homeowners with a limited number of trees to protect. For more on this and other organic service options, contact us today.

Traditional Tree & Shrub Services

If organic treatments aren’t enough to deal with your particular plant problems, our Traditional Services package takes advantage of older methods with just as strong a track record. We provide traditional sprays in tandem with the organic product, reducing the risk that pests and diseases will manage to adapt to our treatments. As with the Organic care package, this tree service method gives your plants access to nutrients from organic fish and kelp, and works overtime to keep them strong for the long haul. Contact us to learn more about traditional tree service options.

Other Tree & Shrub Treatments

While our organic and traditional sprays provide general protection, certain acute plant problems require more targeted tree care. If you’re dealing with a fungal infection or other disease that affects the roots and soil, we provide full injections and micro-injections to restore your trees’ health. We also protect your plants from all the most damaging pests, including mites, lace bugs, root weevils, fruit worms, cherry tortrix, and tent caterpillars. Finally, if birds attack your garden, we have the tree sprays to drive them away for good. Contact us to learn more about persistent professional pest control.
Washington Lawn & Tree is committed to providing the tree service you need with you for a sustainable, beautiful lawn. For a strong head start on the road to outdoor beauty. Request a free estimate today!