Seattle Weed Control Services From Washington Tree

Of all the issues you have to deal with while building a beautiful, well-tended landscape, few are more serious than noxious weeds. Defined as weeds that grow and multiply aggressively, destroying large swaths of other plants in their path, these invaders are both an environmental hazard and a threat to the beauty of your property. Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers comprehensive weed control solutions to these and all other invasive weeds in the Seattle area. Using a combination of preventative services and extermination tactics, we stop noxious weeds from spreading, protecting all the plant life near your home or business. seattle-weed-control-services


The Importance of Addressing Noxious Weeds

Never underestimate how serious a threat noxious weeds are. The longer you let them grow, the greater a threat they present to:

  • Your Garden & Landscape- Because noxious weeds spread so quickly, they can rapidly move through your garden or grass and suck the life out of your plants. Not only will you have to remove them, but you must bear the cost of replacing all the plants they destroyed. The earlier you eliminate these noxious pests, the easier and less expensive it will be to deal with these issues.
  • The Environment & Economy- Noxious weeds can spread quickly, disrupting the natural environment and harming plants that are essential for our ecosystem. They can also embed themselves on agricultural land and damage useful or edible crops. This problem is so serious that the State of Washington designates certain noxious plants as Class A Weeds, meaning you are required by law to eliminate them on sight. It also recommends you eliminate class B and C weeds, which aren’t quite as dangerous but still present a serious threat
  • Your Community- Allowing noxious weeds to spread on your land puts your neighbors at risk as well. The quicker you deal with them, the less trouble your neighbors will have, strengthening your bond with your community.

Because noxious plants are such a serious threat, you should never try to deal with them on your own. Not only will it be difficult for you to eliminate them entirely without the proper equipment and herbicides, but you likely don’t know how to dispose of dead weeds properly. If you don’t get rid of them correctly, you risk introducing weed seeds into other parts of your yard or other people’s lawns. The invaders will then spread again and resume their threat to your community.

Washington Tree & Lawn Care provides the professional weed elimination services you need to get rid of noxious weeds for good. Using both preventative and restorative products, we minimize the chance that a weed infestation will ever get going, let alone that it will be able to seriously threaten your yard, community, or surrounding ecosystem. With our help, you’ll never have to worry about obeying the law or avoiding serious weed damage.

Washington Tree & Lawn Care’s Weed Control Services

When dealing with noxious weeds or other invasive plants, Washington Tree & Lawn Care base our control strategy on the specific location where the pests are. We have the experience and resources to clear a range of different sites, including:seattle-weed-control-brush-control

Shrub & Flower Beds

Because plants are heavily concentrated in beds, allowing invasive species to cause serious damage in short order, our shrub bed weed control strategy focuses on prevention. We distribute granular pre-emergent herbicides, which kill weeds before they sprout and prevent them from ever feeding on your plants. This strategy alone will control the vast majority of invaders; you should then be able to pluck the rest. But if weeds remain a problem, we can spray emergent herbicides to take care of the rest of them.

Commercial Settings

Noxious weeds are a particularly serious problem in commercial sites because they provide a habitat for rodents, which can harm your workers or scare away your customers. Our team thus specializes in eliminating weeds from a wide range of business locations. From offices to stores to industrial facilities, we will kill off any existing weeds and use pre-emergent methods to stop more from arising.

Residential Areas

Our team knows how to implement weed control from every corner of residential properties. We are particularly focused on getting them out of your garden and flower beds, as they tend to spread most rapidly in those locations. We will also remove them from your grass so that they do not undermine the beauty of your lawn or the value of your property.

Brush Clearing

Weeds often spread among and add to brush. This causes the brush to build up, serving as a habitat for rodents while creating a fire hazard. Our team will clear brush from your commercial or residential property en masse, dispose of it in an effective and eco-friendly way, and use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent more invaders from taking root and starting the problem over again.

Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers weed control services in Seattle, Tacoma, and other communities throughout the Puget Sound region. For more information or to request a free weed control estimate for your property, call now to request a free estimate at (206) 400-6217 or request a free estimate after business hours.