Brush Removal in Tacoma, WA

residential-weed-control.jpgWhen dealing with weeds and other invasive growths, the problem doesn’t end once the plants are dead. Dried, shriveled weeds turn into brush, which fills up your yard and can become every bit as serious a threat as living weeds. The longer you let brush build up, the greater an issue it is, which is why Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers quick, effective brush removal for all Tacoma homes and businesses. By eliminating every trace of brush and disposing of it in a safe, isolated location, we keep your lawn free from a wide range of hazards and struggles. Proper brush control can be time-consuming and difficult.

Weeds mean the growth of new brush. For weed control services, we use a safe herbicide application to prevent future infestation. To take preventative action, contact us about our weed control services

To prevent weeds from returning to a given area, brush clearing should be scheduled regularly to control the spread of hazardous plants. Contact our specialists today to schedule a visit!

The Importance of Brush Removal

Never underestimate how serious a brush problem can become. If you allow it to accumulate all over your yard, you make yourself vulnerable to:

  • Rodent Invasions- Rats, mice, voles, and other rodents make their homes in brush. The more of it you have, the more of them will invade your yard. Such animals present a serious threat to your garden, lawn, and trees, leaving holes all over your turf while weakening or even killing the plants they eat. Rodents also spread serious diseases, putting your health and that of your family at risk. Combined with their effect on your property values, this makes it critical that you stop them from invading your yard.

  • Brush Fires- Brush is highly flammable, especially if you allow it to dry out. It burns quickly once it catches fire, and even if the fire doesn’t spread to your home or business, the smoke it releases can cause serious damage. The longer brush sits there, the greater the risk that it will ignite, putting your entire property in jeopardy.
  • Property Appearance- Even if you keep rodents and fires at bay, brush gives your home or business an unkempt, dirty appearance. This makes potential buyers less likely to consider the property, lowering its value and making it take longer to sell. Likewise, if brush, such as branches, accumulates around your business, potential customers, employees, and suppliers will be less likely to visit your premises.

Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers a solution to this long list of problems. By clearing brush off your property quickly and thoroughly, we leave no quarter for rodents, fires, or eyesores. We also dispose of the brush safely, so that seeds don’t spread from it to your yard and start the problem over again. We have the right experience and equipment to provide you with complete, effective removal. To obtain a free brush removal estimate for your home or business, contact Washington Tree & Lawn Care today.