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Tacoma-lawn-care.jpgIt's nearly impossible to relax and enjoy spending time in your yard if it's overgrown, full of weeds, or dying from various causes. We understand that plants grow fast in Washington, and that Tacoma lawn care can be a challenge. Regardless, if you put off lawn care tasks they just become more difficult and more time consuming. Besides being annoyed with your yard, unkempt properties tend to have an overreaching effect, and they can begin to negatively effect how your neighbors perceive you. If you have found yourself struggling to keep up with yard maintenance, call the professionals at Washington Tree & Lawn Care to take care of everything for you. Call us today at ​(253) 200-0697 or request a free estimate

Why Choose Washington Tree & Lawn Care in Tacoma.

Our family owned Tacoma lawn care service has been in operation since 1948, and because of this we have seen every type of lawn issue imaginable. Our experience has provided us with a firm understanding of all types of grasses, weeds, fungus, and plants within the Pierce County region. Additionally, our experience has made us extremely efficient in tackling any challenge we encounter. We are also proud to be licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, and all of our expert technicians are licensed to apply products.

"A note of commendation for the excellent service provided to us by Nick of your staff. The level of service Nick provided us allows us to confidently recommend spray service via your firm to our friends."Patricia


Tacoma Lawn Care Programs

Because we have been doing lawn service for nearly 70 years, we know that our customers have different wants and needs. This experience has led us to offer both organic and traditional programs, as well as basic, premier, or custom lawn care options. Our experts will do an analysis of your yard and recommend services specific to the issues we encounter. Our lawn care programs include: 

  • Natural Lawn Program: We offer organic lawn care services which only use products that are certified organic and natural by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. This program provides you with 6 fertilizer applications and 1 lime application. 
  • Traditional Lawn Program: Our traditional lawn maintenance program offers non-organic fertilizers to tackle difficult yard issues. Choose from our basic, premier, or custom programs. 
  • Basic Lawn Program: Our basic program provides you with 5 applications that are spread out throughout the year. In Oct-Dec we apply fertilizer and moss control applications. In Jan-Feb we apply a lime application which helps balance out the soils pH level. Feb-March brings us back to reapply fertilizer and moss control applications. Then our last application will be from Apr-Oct, where 2 separate applications of liquid weed & feed or granular fertilizer will be used. 
  • Premier Lawn Program: With the premier program you get 7 applications spread throughout the year, as opposed to 5 with our basic. The premier program follows the same application time frame as our basic program, however in Apr-Oct we apply 4 applications as opposed to 2 found in our basic.  

Tacoma Lawn Care Services

Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers diverse lawn care services that can be customized to the specific issues we find in your yard. Our lawn care services include: 

  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Lime applications
  • Core aeration
  • Wetting agents
  • Crane fly control
  • Moss control

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and results. Call us today at ​(253) 200-0697 or request a free estimate for lawn care maintenance now


Senske Fertilizer.jpgEven in a lush climate such as Tacoma, the soil can be depleted of essential nutrients through over saturation, and competition from surrounding plants. Most gardeners understand that applying fertilizer to their yard is beneficial, however there are countless varieties of fertilizers available, and it can be a challenge to understand which one is best for your specific soil. Give yourself a break and let the experts at Washington Tree & Lawn Care determine what is best for your yard. 

Weed Control

boise-weed-control.jpgOther than the simple fact that weeds detract from the aesthetics of your lawn, they also deplete the nutrients from the soil and from the desirable plants in your yard. Because of this it is important to attempt to control them, however, anyone that has tried to remove weeds knows that they don't go down without a fight. We have custom weed control programs that guarantee approximately 85-95% control of the weeds in your landscape. 

Lime Application

shutterstock_147716753.jpgAs organic matter and minerals break down within the soil they cause the soil to become acidic. If soil becomes too acidic then plants begin to suffer as root access to water and nutrients becomes restricted. To combat against acidic soil it is recommended to spread a lime application which helps to neutralize the soil and raise the pH level. Let our experts test your lawns pH level and make recommendations based on what they find.  

Core Aeration

Tacoma-lawn-aeration.jpgCore aeration is the process used to control thatch. Thatch is the layer of grass, debris, and roots found between the grass and soil that is in a decaying state. If this layer becomes too thick then it can cause lawn disease, and become overrun with weeds and grass eating bugs. Core aeration machines can be used to remove chunks of thatch and soil, thus creating breathing holes in the soil.

Wetting Agents

shutterstock_211475272.jpgWetting agent applications are used to help allow water to penetrate the soil during hydrophobic conditions. These conditions are caused by the waxy coating that can develop on grass and soil. If left untreated the wax will repel water, which then dries out the soil and kills the plants.  




Crane Fly Control

shutterstock_338539307.jpgThe larvae of crane flies can cause widespread damage to the roots and turf of your yard,  To prevent this damage it is important to apply insecticide in the fall, before the larvae has time to mature and feed on the lawn. Because crane flies can cause major damage, it is recommended to take preventative measures now in the effort to save you time and money in the long run. 

Moss Control

shutterstock_263044526.jpgThe problem with moss is that it's a symptom of bigger issues, such as too much thatch, too much shade, poor drainage, and/or acidic soil. The best way to control moss is to correct the symptoms that are favoring the growth of it. Let our experts analyse and determine what steps are needed to eliminate your moss issues.  Call us today at ​(253) 200-0697 or request a free estimate for yard care now



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