Tree Service in Tacoma, WA: Comprehensive Care from the Leading Brand, Washington Tree Service

Achieving outdoor beauty is no small matter. Trees and shrubs require constant upkeep, lest they fall victim to diseases, pest damage and other natural and artificial threats. Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers a wide selection of tree services to keep these plants in premium condition throughout the year in the Tacoma, WA area. These programs include:

Organic Tree Care

Premier Tree & Shrub Program

Our Premier Organic Tacoma, WA tree service program works for the highest level of quality for your yard while preserving the environment and your health. It involves applying our Organic Kelp & Fertilizer spray to your yard 7 times a year: three times in the spring to control insects and diseases, once in the summer and once more in the fall for insect control, once during dormant season to further banish infections and pests, and once to fertilize and rejuvenate dead soil. For more information on this professional service option, contact us today.

Basic Tree & Shrub Program

If you value effectiveness and sustainability but aren’t quite ready to invest in the full Premier package, the Basic Program provides a similar level of service in smaller quantities. We use the same organic spray, but instead of applying it 3 times in the spring, we only spray once. For more information on this and other Tacoma, WA tree service options, contact us today.

Traditional Tree & Shrub Services

For all the benefits of organic sprays, their more old-fashioned equivalents still have some advantages for controlling certain threats. Our Tacoma, WA tree service team offers you the best of both worlds through the Traditional Service program. Our company applies both the organic spray and traditional products in tandem, offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of different threats. Along with defending them, we fertilize your trees and shrubs with organic sea kelp and fish, providing them the nutrients they need to take full advantage of Tacoma’s mild Oceanic climate. For more information about fortifying and fertilizing your trees, contact us today.

Other Tree & Shrub Treatments

As a professional Tacoma, WA tree service company, Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers you a range of different tree care options to protect and strengthen your greenery. Chief among these are our disease control programs, which involve administering injections and micro-injections to your plant roots and the soil in the surrounding area. This keeps fungi and other sources of infection at bay, and works to stimulate further growth.

In addition to dealing with disease, we also offer comprehensive pest control care. We have extensive experience eliminating root weevils, mites, fruit worms, cherry tortrix, lace bugs, and tent caterpillars, as well as driving away birds. Through spray treatments, we can keep your trees and shrubs safe from all of these threats and risk of pest damage for the long haul. Contact us to learn more about disease and pest control.

Don’t leave your plants vulnerable to disease, insects, or the elements. Request a free estimate today and take the first step toward persistent professional tree protection.