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Be on the look out for Lace Bug and Weevil damage

Posted on: June 19th 2015

The season is upon us were some of your plantings may look a little chewed up or discolored.  There are two major pests that are out and about reeking havoc on your rhododendrons, azaleas, salal, Davideye, and other viburnum species.  Root Weevils and Lace Bugs like the warm days and warm nights of the spring and summer.  Each pest has there own distinct markings that they leave.

Weevils like to leave bite marks on the outsides of the leaves,  making them look jagged chewed up.


Lace_Bugs290Lace Bugs will just suck the sap from plants’ photosynthetic tissues. This causes pale stippling and bleaching that can become very obvious on the upper leaf surface by mid to late summer .

What makes both these guys a huge pest is the damage will stay for years after. The types of shrubs they attack do not drop there leaves every year.  They hold there leaves for many years and will flag some of the older leaves each fall, leaving those unsightly leaves for many generations.  There is some control for these pests, using the right products and the right timing can keep them at bay.

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