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Lawn Care in Summer

Posted on: August 3rd 2015

August is a month for vacations, barbecues, and trips to the beach.But, for your lawn, August is no picnic. With temperatures hanging in the 80’s, severe drought stress can take out your lawn in as little as 4 weeks. When soil moisture is depleted, turf grass will begin to wilt. This condition is realized as the grass goes from green to a bluish or gray smokey green. Another clue of this situation is how footprints remain in the affected area. The turf no longer has the resilience to spring back up. In an effort to stay alive, the grass blade will turn brown, all growth will stop and the plant will go into dormancy. This will allow the turfgrass to survive for an extended period. The length of time the grass can survive in this dormant condition depends on several factors: mainly temperature, soil moisture and the overall condition of turfgrass before the onset of dormancy. In general terms, grass can withstand 3-5 weeks of being “brown” depending upon the temperature. One inch of water per week is required to keep grass green. One inch of water per month will keep grass alive as to minimize damage. Washington Tree & Lawn Care can apply wetting agents to aid in recovery or longevity.

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