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Washington Tree & Lawn Care Newsletter | October 2015

Posted on: October 1st 2015

In the Pacific Northwest, the month of October is the big transition month for trees, shrubs, lawn, and weather. Don’t be alarmed if your Evergreen trees begin dropping older inside needles. Every Fall older needles turn yellow or brown and drop off leaving the newer green growth on the ends of the branches. Cooler wet weather is not far away and coupled with the shorter days, Fall color will soon be upon us. Wet and cool means the slugs will appear in abundance. Slug control in the Fall will pay big dividends in the Spring with reduced slug populations. We now offer slug control programs consisting of 5 treatments per year.
The very best time of the year to fertilize your lawn is in the Fall. With shorter days top growth is limited. Stored nutrients turn into carbohydrates to be used next Spring.

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