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Four Essential Spring Lawn Tips

Posted on: March 8th 2017

Spring is here! If you are looking for early spring lawn care tips, here are four of the most important tips to get your lawn ready for spring:

1.  Spring Lawn Preparation: Clear Winter Remains

It is the beginning of a new spring lawn care season and in order for your lawn to thrive, debris leftover by winter need to be removed. Clearing your lawn of clinging snow, lawn clipping, and dead branches will reduce the potential spread of fungus, bacteria, or weeds that love winter debris. 

2. Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring: Give Your Lawn A Massage

While using your fingers to massage your grass might not do much for your lawn, there are a number of ways you can get your lawn ready for spring. When the winter months come around, grass turns brown and goes into hibernation. Once it is warm again, raking dead grass can help prevent disease. Raking will also reduce soil compaction. Once your lawn is loosened up, air, water, and nutrients will be able to move freely within the soil.

3. Lawn Care Tips For Weed Control

When it comes to weed control, weeds and The Goonies share a common philosophy, “Never Say Die”. Even in winter’s cold, weed seeds are dormant, waiting for warm weather. When spring arrives, the tiny seeds will grow like crazy. Most homeowners begin defending their lawns once they see weeds appear. However, we don’t recommend waiting until weeds are visible. Applying an early season protection will  cover your lawn before weeds begin to show up. Getting a head start on weed control will lessen the work moving into summer.

4. Tips for Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Consider how you apply lawn fertilizer in spring. Once your yard is free of debris and protected from imminent weed growth, your grass needs to be fed. We recommend starting with a light application of fertilizer. Heavier fertilizer application tends to promote grass shoot growth. In the earlier stages of seasonal growing, lightly fertilizing encourages root growth. Strong roots means strong grass. This is important because it ensures healthy grass throughout the season. Try spreading fertilizer in small doses at intervals instead of one big shot.

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