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Lawn Overseeding

lawn-aeration.pngWhen it comes to protecting and strengthening your lawn, the most effective solutions are often the simplest. Overseeding is a powerful case in point. By fortifying each corner of your yard with a layer of grass seeds, this method ensures that grass completely dominates the lawn once it has grown in. Not only does this make your yard more lush and beautiful, but it minimizes some serious risks that can harm the grass. By providing overseeding and similar solutions, Washington Tree and Lawn Care make sure your yard is healthy and strong for the long haul.

What is Overseeding? 

Overseeding is the process of distributing grass seed in every corner of a lawn, with a particular focus on areas that are bare, thinning, or vulnerable to various forms of damage. It is typically done during the late summer or early fall, though the specific time you should do it depends on your grass and what issues you’re trying to solve. You may want to mow the area of your lawn where you plan to overseed and remove grass clippings and thatch that has accumulated there so that the seeds can come in contact with the soil.

Why Should I Overseed My Lawn? 

There are a number of different reasons to overseed your lawn, which include:

Filling in Weak Spots- No matter how well you take care of your lawn, there’s always a chance that certain patches of the grass will die or thin out. This is particularly true if you have a larger lawn, as it is hard to keep such lawns consistently watered and fertilized throughout the year. Overseeding fills in these inevitable gaps so that your turf has a full, complete look no matter how large it is.

Following Up on Aeration- In addition to patches of your lawn where the grass has died or thinned on its own, overseeding helps you deal with gaps that you put there deliberately. If you’ve recently aerated your lawn, for example, the grass is likely full of small, unsightly holes where you pulled the old soil out. By overseeding, you cover these holes with more than enough grass seeds to fill them in. Once those seeds germinate, the holes will promptly disappear, and your grass will go back to looking complete and beautiful.

Preventing Weeds- Not only does overseeding fill your lawn with the right plants, but it helps you get rid of the wrong ones. In order for weeds to spread through your yard, they first have to take hold in the soil. But that’s much harder to do if every inch of your lawn is packed with grass and roots. Overseeding leaves no gaps for weeds to get in, minimizing the chance that you’ll have to deal with these invasive organisms.

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Whether you’re fixing a patchy, broken turf or bolstering one that is already healthy and beautiful, overseeding is a great way to achieve your goals. For this reason, Washington Tree and Lawn Care provides overseeding services throughout the Puget Sound and will help you make sure these services are right for you. By visiting your lawn, assessing its appearance and health, and identifying thin spots, we can determine both the merits of overseeding and the best places to do it.

For more information on our services and other options to keep your lawn looking great, contact Washington Tree and Lawn Care today in your area!

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