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Rodent Control in Seattle & Tacoma


Rats and mice are one of the main pest concerns we have to deal with in the Northwest. Mice and rats can disrupt your household by getting into food, ruining clothing, leaving droppings around and scaring your children. Besides being frightening to find in your house, rodents can spread disease through a variety of different ways: their bite, their feces, contaminants they leave in food and by being a host to other pests like ticks, mites, and fleas. They can carry diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis, tularemia and even the plague.

If you see a rat or mouse inside of your house, you shouldn’t try to catch it. You risk getting bitten or scratched by one. A scratch or bite from a rodent can transfer disease. If you’ve been scratched or bitten by a rodent, you should seek medical attention.

Regardless of how hopeless your rodent problem might seem, getting rid of rats and mice doesn’t have to be hard. Protect your family by calling our mouse and rat exterminator at (206) 362-9100 to remove rats and mice the easy way. Don’t have a phone handy? request a free estimate for rat and mouse control.

Our Dedication to Rodent Control in Seattle & Tacoma

Our rodent control technicians are dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of our customers. Rodent control services that we offer encompass strategically located bait stations. This process involves methodological visits, including bait station placement, removal, and maintenance throughout the year. The best part is that we provide a free inspection so you don’t have to spend money until any action for rodent removal is taken. 

Washington Tree & Lawn Care pest control technicians are trained, experienced and knowledgeable about local pests and rodent control solutions. Because we’ve been in the Puget Sound area since 1948, we know just what kind of pests live around the Northwest. We’re in tune with the most effective methods for removing rodents from households, businesses, and properties.

It's our first priority to take care of our customers. We care about our customers and our community. Our goal is to provide the best rodent control in Seattle and Tacoma so that rodents are kept out of your home and off of your mind. We've had a long history as a rodent removal company. The reviews we receive from our customers make us believe we’re doing something right. Call us at 206-400-6217 and find out about our rat control services or request a free estimate for mouse control.

Please tell Jimmy “THANK YOU” for his incredible service and thoughtfulness! We Love Him!"

Rodent Removal Services in Seattle & Tacoma

Rat Control

Rats are highly invasive and intelligent scavengers. They’re agile, they’re adaptive and they’re successful at staying underneath the radar of human surveillance. They can acclimate to any ecosystem to survive, which is why they can be an extremely hard rodent species to eradicate. 

The most prominent type of rats we see in the Pacific Northwest are roof rats and Norway rats. These two species of rat are both considered ‘Old World Rats’ as they originated from Asia, then Europe and made their way to North America on ships. They continue to spread across North America through the transportation of trains and trucks. Norway rats and roof rats are now a permanent pest around Puget Sound.

Roof Rats

roof ratRoof rats may also be referred to as black rats. Black rats are around 8 inches long and their tails are longer than their bodies. Although there are several types of black rats, they’re generally all small and darker than brown rats. 

Roof rats are good climbers; if you find rats in your attic or roof compartments of barns and sheds, they will most likely be roof rats. Roof rats also like climates that are mild. They’re oftentimes found around saltwater and on ships, making the port city of Seattle and the surrounding area the perfect host for these pesky creatures.

Norway Rats

norway ratNorway rats, also known as brown rats or sewer rats, are approximately 10 inches long and have tails that are shorter than the length of their bodies. They are light brown and almost gray in color. 

Norway rats reproduce more quickly than roof rats; they have more litters and their litters consist of higher numbers. Female brown rats can have 7 litters a year and their litters may consist of 12 young. Because of their quick reproduction rates, one female Norway rat can become a whole herd of rats in just a short time. 

We oftentimes get called for rat control around barns, sheds, attics, and businesses. Areas that are next to dumpsters or areas where food can be scavenged are prime rat sites. Rats are also attracted to areas with standing water. 

If you come across a rat on your property or in your house, shed, basement or business, call our rat exterminator at (206) 362-9100 for rat control. If it’s after business hours request a free estimate for rat control. Getting rid of rats can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be...

Mouse Control for House Mice

house mouseHouse mice are cute and cuddly when they’re your pets but when you find them inside your house unexpectedly, they can be cause for concern. They can carry disease, ruin food and destroy your clothing and furniture. 

The damage they cause is amplified by their quick rates of reproduction. House mice can reproduce at rapid rates and they can live for up to two years. They can produce 4 to 7 young every 1.5 months. If you see one mouse in your house, take action before one becomes 100.

House mice are small and round; they can range from 1 to 4 inches in length. They have pointed snouts, round ears, and whiskers. Their hairless tails range from 2 to 4 inches long, depending upon the climate they are born in. Their tails act as both a balancing mechanism and also as a temperature regulator. Their tails are able to absorb their body heat in order to cool their bodies down. 

Use Our Pest Control Services for Rodent Control

Whatever type of rat or mouse is inside of your house or infesting your property, we can get rid of it. Our solution to rodent removal is safe for you and your family and healthy for the environment. Don’t risk the health and safety of your family, your house or business. Stop clothing from getting ruined, food from being destroyed and reduce your risk for disease by getting rid of rats or mice that might be living in your home with professional rodent extermination services.

We can help you get the rat before the rat gets you! If you see a mouse in your house or hear a rat crawling around your attic, call our rat exterminator at (206) 362-9100 for rodent control, or request a free estimate for rat and mouse control.

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