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Tree and Shrub Care Services

tree-and-shrub-services.jpgWith professional tree service, the work is never finished. Even in a climate as mild and wet as the Puget Sound, shrubs and trees often struggle to stay strong and healthy. Washington Tree & Lawn arms your plants to emerge from this struggle victorious. As a professional tree service company with experience throughout the Seattle and Tacoma area, we provide the professional care and damage control you need to keep your greenery healthy throughout the year.

Achieving outdoor beauty is no small matter. Trees and shrubs require constant upkeep, lest they fall victim to diseases, pest damage and other natural and artificial threats. Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers a wide selection of tree services to keep these plants in premium condition throughout the year in the Seattle and Tacoma, WA area. These programs include:


Traditional Tree & Shrub Services

Controlling Pests and disease with our traditional spray programs will give you the best of both Organic and Traditional Spray products in every application. This management system allows us to use the Safest and most effective products on the market. Using the combination of the organic and the traditional products minimizes the risk of pest and disease immunity. 

All of this paired with our Organic fish and Sea kelp fertilizer will help feed and beautify your complete landscape. Along with defending them, we fertilize your trees and shrubs with organic sea kelp and fish, providing them the nutrients they need to take full advantage of the Puget Sound’s mild oceanic climate. For more information about fortifying and fertilizing your trees, contact us today.

 Other Tree & Shrub Treatments

As a professional tree service company, Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers you a range of different tree care options to protect and strengthen your greenery. Chief among these are our disease control programs, which involve administering injections and micro-injections to your plant roots and the soil in the surrounding area. This keeps fungi and other sources of infection at bay and works to stimulate further growth.

Disease Programs

We will treat Trees with seasonal fungus problems, such as Brown Rot, Apple Scab, Anthracnose, etc. With our 3 spray program that lasts from March to June.

Fruit Worm Control ProgramsThese services are applied to Fruit trees for codling moth, apple maggot, and Cherry fruit worm. Apples and Pears will need 3 applications in the summer and Cherry trees will need 2 applications starting in May.

Deep Root Injection - We apply liquid kelp, fertilizer, a bio-stimulant, and/or fungicides to the ground to treat for root rot and to enhance the root system of diseased or stressed trees.

Micro-injections - Sometimes, foliage cannot be sprayed and root access is not available for soil injections. Micro-injections are like vaccinations for trees—they’re an environmentally-friendly way to inject trees with nutrients that battle diseases and insects.

Systemic Soil Injection - This systemic injection, applied from winter through mid-spring, controls sap-sucking pests, such as aphids and scales, during the growing season, as well as bronze birch borer. It also prevents the sticky, “honeydew” excretion these pests leave behind from dripping from trees.

Cherry Tortrix - This moth lays eggs on Cherry trees and some other varieties of trees and shrubs when they emerge in the spring. The eggs hatch in Late September through October, 2 treatments would be done at this time. This treatment is preventative, Tortrix Larvae will bore into the trunks and crotch of the trees and feed on the Cambium layer which impedes the sap flow to the major extremities, thus causing dieback and rotting of limbs. This pest can make your trees very unsightly as well as dangerous. The rotted limbs are known to snap off without any notice and can harm people and or property. Damage to trees is permanent and cannot be reversed and will eventually kill the tree if not stopped.

Root Weevil - Weevils can be identified by the conspicuous notches around the edges of the leaves of the plant (Most noticeably in Rhododendrons, Viburnum, and Azaleas). These notches can be few or in some cases so extensive that the entire leaf edges end up being jagged and very unsightly! Usually, the damage is aesthetic and can really make shrubs look unhealthy. Treatments are done in late fall with a soil drench treatment and in the spring and summer with a contact spray.

Lace Bug Lace bugs suck leaf sap. Leaf stippling and bleaching from feeding on infested leaves can become very obvious by late summer. Adults and nymphs also soil leaves with specks of dark, varnish-like excrement. This is can create other issues like powdery mildew, and sooty mold. All these things add stress to the shrubs making them unhealthy and unsightly. Treatments are done in the dormant and twice in the summer with a contact spray.

Bird Repellent - This treatment is to discourage Sap Suckers from making holes in the trees. These birds can make a lot of holes that ring around the trees. This damage can lead to die off of the portion of the tree that is above the damage ring.

Mites - Mites are sucking insects that attack a number of varieties of trees and shrubs. Typically the damage is esthetic; however, prolonged untreated damage can severely stress out the trees or shrubs. Treatments for this can vary, starting as soon as early summer and go through until early fall. Timing and number of applications would be determined from our estimate.

Tent Caterpillars - Tent caterpillars attack several kinds of broad-leaf trees and shrubs and produce unsightly webs or tents. These caterpillars can defoliate trees, stunting their growth and making them less vigorous. They can also be very common and thus a nuisance as they move around your yard and the exterior of your home. The keys to eliminating tent caterpillar problems are early detection, proper identification, and understanding of the life cycle and the use of appropriate cultural or chemical control measures. Spray treatments are done from May to June.

Don’t leave your trees vulnerable to disease, insects, or the elements. Request a free estimate today and take the first step toward persistent professional tree protection.

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