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Weed Control

It’s hard to overstate the threat from noxious weeds. These invasive pests spread at high speed through gardens, lawns, and beds, killing or injuring any other greenery in their path. Once an infestation gets going, it becomes progressively harder to contain. These plants can make their way onto agricultural land, harming or destroying crops that otherwise would have fed hundreds. They also disrupt the natural ecosystem, setting the stage for enduring environmental problems.
Somehow, even this description understates the risk from noxious weeds, because it doesn’t account for what happens with all the brush those weeds leave behind. Brush provides a habitat for rodents, which spread disease while damaging agricultural crops; the thicker it becomes, the more rodents it can harbor. Brush also presents a serious fire hazard, providing kindling for flames that can spread all over your community. Ignoring noxious plants, then, is literally playing with fire.

These and other threats have led the State of Washington to designate certain noxious weeds as Class A plants. This means that whenever you see them, you are legally required to get rid of them in a safe and sustainable way. Other noxious weeds are Class B or C plants, which you aren’t required by law to remove, but still shouldn’t mess around with.

The only problem with these classifications is that ordinary home and business owners often lack the resources and expertise to get rid of noxious weeds effectively. If you simply try to remove them on your own, you risk disposing of them in a way that allows their seeds to spread. The infestation will thus begin again somewhere else. Ordinary Washingtonians also don’t know what all the treatments that prevent or remove noxious weeds and will have trouble selecting the right ones for their property.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with noxious weeds on your own. Washington Tree & Lawn Care offers comprehensive weed control and prevention to business and residential customers in communities across Pierce County and King County. With our help, noxious weeds will stand no chance of infesting your property or harming the local environment.

Weed Control Services from Washington Tree & Lawn Care


Washington Tree & Lawn Care combines prevention with elimination as part of our commitment to holistic landscaping. If you’re already dealing with noxious weeds, we can apply treatment during the spring and fall, killing off such plants before they have a chance to spread. We then dispose of them in a way that prevents their seeds from spreading and harming other areas. But we also provide preventative services that stop these noxious plants from sprouting in the first place. Using granular pre-emergent applications, we make your property inhospitable to weeds, so any that become embedded there quickly die.

Through these methods, we are able to eliminate between 85 and 90 percent of weeds, reducing the threat to your yard dramatically. Weed control is never just about methods. It also means identifying and guarding at-risk areas. Washington Tree & Lawn Care has extensive experience in doing so. 

Commercial Weed Control

commercial-weed-controlFrom industrial facilities to offices to retail stores, we clear weeds from any business location. Not only does this make your business' landscaping more beautiful and appealing to customers, but it reduces fire and rodent risks from brush. We create custom programs to control unwanted bramble bushes, scotch broom, vines, trees, weeds, and grasses at commercial and industrial sites. Our weed & brush control applications reduce the potential for fires and eliminate rodent habitats.

We create custom programs to control unwanted bramble bushes, scotch broom, vines, trees, weeds, and grasses at commercial and industrial sites. Our weed & brush control applications reduce the potential for fires and eliminate rodent habitats.


Residential Weed Control

When weeds invade the grounds around your home, we will get rid of them swiftly and effectively. We focus heavily on your lawn, flower beds, and garden, as these face the highest risk of weeds. We control weeds in your flower beds, gravel areas, and control unwanted brush, such as blackberry bushes.

Shrub Bed Weed Control

This Application of pre-emergent application to flower beds will control the germination of weed seeds. We also treat existing weeds where feasible. Treatments are done in Spring and Fall. We guarantee approximately 85% to 90% control of the weeds in the landscape. We will only come back if there is an abnormal re-growth. If you spot a weed every now and then, go ahead and pull them out because this application does not totally eradicate all the weeds and unwanted grasses. Because beds contain plants in high concentrations, shrub bed weed control is sprouting and finish any existing weed off with post-emergent applications.

  • We can’t spray any of the weeds growing within the plants or right next to the plants, the weeds need to be pulled by the homeowner.
  • Rain and sprinklers will not affect the pre-emergent granular. Fact is they will need to be incorporated in the soil by means of water (for the very best results). If no rain occurs within a few days after application, please go ahead and water your shrub beds.
  • Customers who have gardeners frequently fluffing the bark should keep this to a minimum as this will disturb the weed control and start breaking it down and it won’t last as long.


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